The Geology and Geochemistry Graduate Program (PPGG) of the Geoscience Institute (IG) of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) emerged in 1976 as a need to dismember the then already developing Graduate Course in Geophysical and Geological Sciences(CPGG), installed in 1973 in this same University. It was the first stricto sensu program for graduate studies (master's and doctorate) in Geosciences throughout the Legal Amazon. Throughout its existence, the PPGG has been guiding its performance in the training and qualification of professionals in the masters and doctorate levels, the basis for the training of researchers and professionals of high level.

The students who graduated from our program now work in several institutions in the Amazon, such as UEPA, IFPA, UFAM, UFT, UFR, UFR, UFAP, IEPA, UFMT, MPEG, DNPM, FACI, as well as other institutions in the country and several national and international companies such as PETROBRAS, VALE, CPRM the Geological Service of Brazil, Anglo American, Votorantim, among others.

The quality of teaching and research developed in the PPGG was recognized by CAPES, which, in the triennial evaluation (2007-2009), granted it, again, grade 6 (six). This way, the PPGG presents itself as the first postgraduate program in the entire North Region to join the Academic Excellence Program - PROEX of CAPES, and so it remains. All this translates the important role of the PPGG for the technical-scientific development in the North region of the country.

The PPGG currently has 26 professors-researchers, with 22 permanent professors (20 from the Geoscience Institute, 1 from the Federal Institute of Pará (IFPA) and 1 from the Musem Emilio Goeldi), 3 invited professors (1 from UFF, 1 from CPRM and 1 from CRNS) and 1 visiting professor. In addition to these teachers, the program also counts on the eventual collaboration of professors from other teaching and research institutions in the country (USP, UNESP, UNB, UFF, UFPR, UFRGS, UNISINOS, UFRN, UFPE, UFC, UFMG, UNICAMP, UFBA, UFAM, UFS, UFMT) and abroad. 

The teaching and research activities developed by the faculty and students of the PPGG are supported by good laboratory infrastructure installed in the Geoscience Institute of UFPA, represented by 19 analytical laboratories, as well as basic support such as classrooms, multimedia room, computer and study rooms for graduates. Researches are supported by research projects coordinated by its professors-researchers with financial support from CNPq, CAPES, FAPESPA, VALE, PETROBRÁS / ANP and mining and international cooperation companies. It maintains academic-scientific exchanges through several programs, with emphasis on Casadinho, with UFAM, UFMT, IFMA.